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Cloud PBX The new way of communication

Crystal clear voice quality with complete, flexible plans and flat minute packages and users already included. Choose your price plan now!
Starting from only CHF 98.90

Flexibility and Independence

Yealink IP phones compatible with Virtual-Call

On the one hand, the advantages of a virtual PBX are versatility and independence, which are necessary in a digitalized world. On the other hand, they significantly lower costs compared to conventional systems. Our hosted VoIP system is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland that are looking for a contemporary and future-oriented communications solution.

With Cloud PBX, you get a modern hosted PBX system in the cloud, eliminating the need for hosting and costly operation of your PBX on appropriate hardware. Benefit from the practical and valuable features of a modern telephony solution in the cloud and expand the system with exciting options, such as individual routing of incoming calls, call recording, attractive minute flat packages, and much more.


  • Voicemail
  • FaxtoMail
  • Fowarding
  • Ring groups
  • Music on Hold
  • BLF (busy lamp fields)
  • Parallel ringing
  • Defining outgoing numbers (CLI)
  • Mobile integration (App)

Our Cloud PBX plans are flexible and allow you to choose the best price plan for your business needs. Our customers can quickly know how much they are paying each month, with no surprises on your bills. That's why we also place great emphasis on transparency. Every price plan already includes minute packages for fixed-network and cell phones. Our customers can choose which extension (user) they want to use those minutes. You decide whether to use the entire package with one or three extensions or spread it across all the extensions purchased in the plan.

Setup (one-time fee): CHF 100.00

Cloud PBX Starter
CHF 98.90 /Month
/up to 5 users
  • Unlimited incoming and
    internal company calls
  • 5 users included
  • Included monthly:
    3'000 minutes Swiss landline
    300 minutes Swiss Mobile
  • App for Smartphone and WebRTC
  • Additional users
  • Call Recording
  • MS Teams connection
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---
  • * The Support conditions of Virtual-Call apply
Cloud PBX Business
CHF 193.90 /Month
/up to 15 users
  • Unlimited incoming and
    internal company calls
  • 15 users included
  • Included monthly:
    6'000 minutes Swiss landline
    500 minutes Swiss Mobile
  • up to 2 IVR, Call Queue
  • up to 5 additional voicemail boxes
  • App for Smartphone and WebRTC
  • Additional users
  • Call Recording
  • MS Teams connection
  • ---
  • * The Support Conditions of Virtual-Call apply
Most popular!
Cloud PBX Premium
CHF 382.95 /Month
/up to 30 users
  •  Unlimited incoming and
    internal company calls
  • 30 users included
  • Included monthly:
    10'000 minutes Swiss landline
    1'000 minutes Swiss Mobile
  • up to 3 IVR, Call Queue
  • up to 10 additional voicemail boxes
  • up to 5 fax boxes
  • App for Smartphone and WebRTC
  • Additional users
  • Call Recording
  • MS Teams connection
  • * The Support Conditions of Virtual-Call apply
  • Included
  • Optional (additional users in a package of 5)
  • - - -

- Minimum contract period: 12 months
- Carrying over unused minutes to the next month is not possible.
- Calls to chargeable service and business numbers are not included and will be charged according to the current rates.
- Use for call center and telemarketing, as well as automated device connection, is not allowed.

Easy management of your Cloud PBX

The configuration can be easily customized and extended by yourself via the Internet and the intuitive web interface. This way, even less technically experienced users can configure the PBX system according to their requirements without contacting support. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

What is the Cloud PBX -

Telephone system from Virtual-Call?

The Cloud PBX is a virtual telephone system that works through an Internet connection and VoIP (Voice over Protocol). The system offers features with the same quality as a conventional local phone system without expensive hardware costs or maintenance fees for physical phones.

Cloud telephony promotes this development and enables savings of up to 70 percent. The high investment costs for fixed-network connections are eliminated, and you only pay monthly for the activated numbers,

without having to worry about additional costs or maintenance.

The virtual PBX has become an essential component of commercial VoIP telephony solutions. They answer all incoming calls and route them to the right person or extension without the need for expensive hardware.

What's more, you can answer your calls from anywhere with an Internet connection. That is ideal for teams that need to stay in touch in real-time, regardless of location.

What is the Cloud PBX - Telephone system from Virtual-Call?

For your Cloud PBX

International phone numbers

Expand your business activity worldwide with our international numbers. Companies based in Switzerland can expand their reach with international phone numbers in over 60 countries. With these landline or 0800 service numbers, you can help your foreign customers save high costs, offer products in other markets, and improve customer service internationally at the same time.

Take advantage of this opportunity to reach new international markets and attract new customers with unique needs that only your product can meet. Why wait?

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Can I order additional users?

Yes, you can order additional users at any time, no matter which plans you start with. Users can be requested in packages of 5.

What do inclusive minutes mean for all extensions?

That means that the inclusive minutes are not limited to one extension. The inclusive minutes apply to all extensions together; unlike other providers, you are much more flexible.

Are phone numbers already included in the plans?

No, phone numbers are billed separately. The prices for the phone numbers can be found under Phone Numbers & Options.

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