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The new way to communicate - Cloud telephony solutions

User Virtual-PBX only CHF 6.90

Hosted IP PBX

Hosted IP-PBX the virtual, flexibly expandable cloud telephone system. Ideal for the self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses, 100% availability.

Dynamic SIP-Trunk only CHF 4.90

Dynamic SIP-Trunk

The difference to our competitors, SIP Trunk with dynamic channels you only pay for the used channels, there are no packages with fixed number of channels.

SIP-Trunk international

SIP-Trunk international

Get a SIP-Trunk in more then 20 countries for your headquarter and branches. One contract, one connection, one invoice for your global business.

VoIP telephony Solutions from the Cloud

Virtual-Call offers you powerful VoIP-based Cloud telephony solutions at low prices for your national and international business. The products are specially tailored to the requirements of small, medium-sized and large companies and let you benefit from the advantages of modern VoIP telephony

We provide you with a virtual telephone system in our cloud environment. Get an national or International SIP trunking of your existing IP telephone system or international landline numbers from over 50 countries. Virtual-Call attaches great importance to quality, service and reliability. Our VoIP services have top voice quality and 100% availability.

Cloud-based VoIP solutions for your Business

For Small, medium and large-sized enterprises

Hosted IP PBX

The virtual, cloud-based telephone system, flexible and cost-effective.


dynamic connection, national and international for your IP-PBX

Call Center Solutions

Premium termination and 0800 service numbers for call centers

Hosted IP-PBX the cloud telephone system

With Hosted IP PBX you get a hosted, flexible telephone system from our cloud environment. It is the ideal solution for self-employed persons or small and medium-sized companies who want to replace their existing telephone system with a modern VoIP system at low cost. The telephone system is available for three or more users, works independently of location and makes the operation of an own telephone system unnecessary.

  •  100% availability
  •  Georedundant SIP Clusters
  •  Number porting free of charge
  •  Independent of location
  •  Internal calls: free of charge

LandlineToGo your landline everywhere

Be available everywhere with your landline number. Unavailability are things of the past.

  • Cost-effective and flexible
  • Reachable everywhere
  • Access to Office 365 contacts
  • Can be used on up to 3 devices
  • Voicemail and Premium Quality

SIP-Trunk the connection for your IP-PBX

SIP trunk connects your existing IP-PBX to the public telephone network, national and International at low cost using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) . All in- and outgoing calls are made via our SIP trunking. The difference to our competitors, SIP trunking with dynamic channels, for medium and large sized companies with national and International headquarters and branches.

  •  100% availability
  •  Geo redundant SIP Clusters
  •  Number porting free of charge
  •  dynamic voice channels
  •  internal calls free of charge

In 3 steps switch to Cloud Telephony

Switch to Cloud Telephony in 3 easy steps, become flexible and save up to 70% on telephone costs.

1. Request an offer

Request a quote, sign the contract, deposit a security.

2. Receive access data

Get the configuration data and access to the online portal.

3. Telephone calls

Set up your end devices and start making calls and save from the first minute.

Phone numbers - international phone numbers from over 50 countries

For your local presence

For companies that are not only active in Switzerland but internationally, our international telephone numbers are ideal ways for them to show local presence. In this way you can operate local telephone numbers for your international customers and help them to save telephone costs. Virtual-Call can access international fixed network numbers from over 50 countries for SIP trunking and Hosted IP PBX. To offer local service to customers, service numbers such as 0800 numbers from over 30 countries are available.

Internationale Rufnummern

Benefit from our cost-effective and powerful VoIP solutions!

If you would like to benefit from our powerful and cost-effective VoIP-based telephony solutions and switch to modern cloud telephony from Switzerland, contact Virtual-Call now! Our experts will be happy to advise you free of charge and find the right solution for your SME.

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