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SIP-Trunk international

For your international branches with national termination, emergency call function, call numbers, and high voice quality.

National SIP trunks for your foreign branches

National termination, including emergency calls and service numbers

SIP Trunk international

If you are a Swiss company and have branches abroad, you can benefit from our international SIP trunks. This solution is already available in numerous countries. SIP Trunk international can easily connect your IP PBX to the public telephone network of the respective country. Your employees have access to standard local telephony, such as emergency calls, free calls to 0800

Numbers, service numbers, and national numbers. Order new numbers for your branch offices or port existing ones to Virtual-Call. If you also use our Swiss SIP Trunk, you will benefit from additional free telephony between your headquarters and your branch offices.

Guaranteed quality

Your calls are terminated over high-quality local carriers with guaranteed quality to ensure short latency.

Global infrastructure

Our PoPs (gateways) in six regions on five continents ensure low latency and high voice quality.

High availability

With a geo-redundant infrastructure in multiple regions and local carrier connections in different countries, we can guarantee 100% availability.

Carrier connectivity

We can guarantee quality, security, and global connectivity with connectivity to leading carriers such as BT, BICS, Colt, DTAG, Telefónica, TATA, and Telia.

Monitoring 24/7

Performance monitoring around the clock (24 hours/7 days) is the outstanding feature of the Virtual-Call SIP Trunk service. That ensures the quality of service and availability at all times.

Secure connections

xperienced technical teams and state-of-the-art technology enable Virtual-Call to provide secure and reliable connections at all times.

International SIP Trunk -

available in these countries

We currently offer the international SIP Trunk in the countries listed below. We are constantly expanding our offering and adding more countries to this list on an ongoing basis. With all international SIP trunks, calls are terminated nationally in a high-quality voice-over Tier 1 connection.

Your advantages: Only one connection, one invoice, and one contact person for all countries. With Virtual-Call, you don't need to sign multiple contracts, and you don't need support or other technical requirements.

SIP trunking in the following countries

(We will add more countries continuously)


SIP Trunk Austria Austria SIP Trunk Spain Spain
SIP Trunk Germany Germany  

Saouth America

SIP Trunk Argentina Argentina SIP Trunk Brazil Brazil

What does SIP Trunk international mean?

A full-fledged local fixed network connection

The SIP Trunk international offers national voice termination in the respective country with all the functions of a standard telephone connection, such as emergency calls and service numbers. Incoming and outgoing calls are terminated in the respective country. Efficient from our cloud with short latency and high-quality voice.

  • National termination
  • Emergency calls & service numbers
  • High voice quality
  • Free number porting
  • Geographic landline numbers

International SIP Trunk from Virtual-Call

The advantages are apparent

With the international SIP Trunk from Virtual-Call, you get the possibility to connect all your foreign branches in the respective country with only one single connection to your IP PBX in Switzerland. This offer is not available from any other provider in Switzerland.

100% availability and quality

Calls are routed nationally in the respective countries via stable and highly secure geo-redundant SIP clusters - this means short latency and high voice quality and monitoring around the clock (24/7).

No expensive investments, contracts

There is no need for multiple contracts with multiple carriers per country, only one technical contact, and only one invoice.

Easily expandable and connectivity to other countries

Easily expandable, the interconnections to other countries can be easily implemented.

High savings potential

Cost savings up to 70% and simplification of administration and management of your headquarters and branches with one connection.

Virtual PBX the telephone system from the cloud and SIP trunking with dynamic channels

Benefit from the advantages of an international SIP Trunk

Do you have branches abroad and want to simplify administration and benefit from high-cost savings? Then contact us now and request a non-binding quote.

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