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Prices and Flat Packages

The entire price list for the SIP Trunk

Minute packages per trunk, not per channel

The minute packages apply to all channels together.

We are uniquely positioned with our minute packages because the minute packages apply per trunk, regardless of the number of channels. You will be able to speak with outstanding quality, without interference. We offer the most competitive plans and rates on the Swiss phone market.

You can quickly purchase our minute packages via the online customer portal and assign them to your trunk. A combination of several packages is also possible. Just take a look at our plans and see the financial advantages of SIP-telephony. We will be pleased if you decide in favor of Virtual-Call.

Tariff Switzerland

CHF 0.035 /min
All networks include 058 numbers
CHF 0.25 /min
All networks
Virtual-Call Net
CHF 0.00 /min
VC to VC
Emergency calls
CHF 0.00 /min
112, 117, 118, 144, 147
To 0800 numbers
CHF 0.00 /min
Free of charge, freephone
to Shared Cost
CHF 0.10 /min
084x Business numbers

Phone numbers Switzerland

Landline number
CHF 0.60
Price per number, monthly
Free of charge
Transfer the phone number

058 Corporate Business numbers

Minimum contract term 24 months

Block of 10
CHF 35.00
Price per block monthly. Setup fee CHF 300.00
Block of 100
CHF 160.00
Price per block monthly. Setup fee CHF 300.00

MS Teams Direct Routing

Per channel
CHF 2.90 /Month
MS Teams connection

Channels SIP Trunk


(Simultaneous calls)

5 channels
CHF 20.90
In and outgoing
10 channels
CHF 35.90
In and outgoing
20 channels
CHF 56.90
In and outgoing
30 channels
CHF 81.90
In and outgoing
50 channels
CHF 120.90
In and outgoing
100 channels
CHF 210.90
In and outgoing
More channels
Upon request
Higher number of channels

Business Flat - for your SIP Trunk

Per trunk, regardless of the number of channels


Volume package landline    
10.000 minutes CHF 181.50  
20.000 minutes CHF 363.00  
50.000 minutes CHF 907.60  
Volume package mobile    
2.500 minutes CHF 223.90  
5.000 minutes CHF 446.90  
10.000 minutes CHF 892.90  

Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Volume package landline  
10.000 minutes CHF 219.90
20.000 minutes CHF 438.90
50.000 minutes CHF 1'095.90
Volume package mobile    
2'500 minutes CHF 287.90  
5'000 minutes CHF 575.90  
10'000 minutes CHF 1'150.90  

- Minimum contract period is 12 months
- Flat rates apply per trunk, regardless of the number of call channels.
- It is impossible to carry over unused minutes to the next month.
- The included voice minutes are valid for use in the fixed or mobile network; calls to service and business numbers are not included.
- If the included minutes are exceeded, the additional minutes will be charged at the standard rates.
- The use of call centers, telemarketing, and automated device connections is not allowed.

Rates to the most important destinations

Here you can see rates for the most common destinations abroad.*

  Landline Mobile
Austria CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
Belgium CHF 0.04 CHF 0.25
China CHF 0.10 CHF 0.10
Germany CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
France CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
United Kingdom CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
  Landline Mobile
Ireland CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
Netherlands CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
Portugal CHF 0.050 CHF 0.30
Singapore CHF 0.10 CHF 0.10
Spain CHF 0.035 CHF 0.25
USA CHF 0.035 CHF 0.035

*All prices are exclusive of 7.7% VAT; call rates are per minute. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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