the dynamic connection

  • Savings of up to 70%
  • 100% availability
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • dynamic channels

SIP-Trunk the connection of your IP-PBX

The modern way of telephony, usable worldwide. Crystal clear voice quality.

SIP trunking for your IP telephone system with dynamic  channels

The Virtual-Call SIP-Trunk connects your existing IP-based telephone system to the public telephone network via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and Internet connection at low cost. You benefit from savings of up to 70% on your telephone costs and 100% availability.

All incoming and outgoing telephone calls are conducted by your SME in high voice quality via Virtual-Call. In principle, all common IP-based telephone systems with SIP support can be connected.

SIP Trunking mit welchen Telefonanlagen funktioniert es

What is SIP-Trunking?

Which telephone systems does it work with?

With SIP Trunking, IP-based telephone systems can be connected to the public telephone network via an existing Internet connection. The only requirements are a VoIP telephone system that supports the SIP protocol and an Internet connection that provides a bandwidth of at least 100 kbit/s per call for upload and download.

VoIP-enabled systems from various manufacturers such as 3CX, Asterisk, Unify, FreePBX, Cisco or Gigaset can be connected via trunk. We are happy to provide you with an overview of the telephone system manufacturers already tested by Virtual-Call.

Dynamic channels -

the decisive difference compared to others

As a special feature, Virtual-Call offers you dynamic channels. This is where our trunk differs significantly from the products of many competitors. The number of channels automatically adapts to your current needs. You do not have to book fixed packages with five, ten or 20 channels.

Trunk grows with your requirements and provides you with the required number automatically and without you having to do anything. And you only pay for the channels you actually use.

Dynamische Gesprächskanäle der entscheidender Unterschied zu anderen Anbietern

Example: If there is an increased volume of telephone calls during the Christmas business, this is no problem for dynamic trunking. Once the call volume has returned to normal, the number of channels is automatically reduced to the minimum of five channels of the trunk.

Why SIP Trunk from Virtual-Call?

We offer you these advantages

With Virtual-Call you get many advantages for your SIP trunk compared to other providers. Like dynamic channels, minute packages are per trunk and not per channel. Connection of your international branches with local termination in 20 countries without any problems.

100% availability

Calls are routed via stable and highly secure Geo redundant SIP clusters in multiple data centres, monitoring around the clock (24/7).

No expensive investments

You do not need expensive hardware to set up our SIP trunks. The only requirement is an Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

High scalability and mobility

Channels adapt automatically to your needs with our dynamic channel solution, the difference to other providers. 

Minutes packages per trunk

Our minute packages are per trunk, and are independent of the number of voice channels. Minute packages are not per channel as is the case with other providers.

Virtual PBX the telephone system from the cloud and SIP trunking with dynamic channels

Benefit from our cost-effective and powerful SIP Trunking

If you would like to connect your IP-based telephone system to the telephone network via SIP at low cost and benefit from the advantages of dynamic channels, interconnection of your international branches, contact our experts at Virtual-Call now! We will be happy to advise you free of charge and find the right solution for your business.

International telephone numbers

For your local presence

International landline numbers can be booked for the systems connected via trunking. This gives you a local presence in the respective country and helps your customers to save telephone costs. International landline numbers from over 50 countries and service numbers (for example 0800 numbers) from over 30 countries are available. For your customers, or international branches these numbers make them more reliable and cheaper.

International Landline and 0800 Service numbers

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