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MS Teams for SIP Trunk

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing für SIP Trunk

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing enables companies to connect the Microsoft Teams communication platform directly to the telephone system via a fully automated connection. And all this for only CHF 2.90 per trunk.

Only CHF 2.90 per trunk for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Only CHF 2.90 per trunk

Fully automated connection Microsoft Teams with our SIP Trunk

Fully automated connection

Server location in Switzerland and Germany

Server location Switzerland

Top voice quality for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Top voice quality

A perfect duo - Microsoft Teams and SIP Trunk

Direct routing of your telephone system to the public telephone network.

MS Teams Direct Routong für SIP Trunk

Integrating Microsoft Teams with Virtual-Call's SIP Trunk is very easy, as the connection is fully automated. You do not need an external IT company with various service technicians to connect Microsoft Teams with the SIP Trunk. That makes us stand out very clearly from other providers in Switzerland.

We can quickly handle your communication requirements by directly routing the SIP Trunk and automating the connection. Regardless of the size of your company, our SIP Trunk solution, in combination with Microsoft Teams, will convince you.



Microsoft Enterprise Security

Only minimal Microsoft permissions are granted for integration. No Microsoft passwords or tokens are read or stored.

100% Microsoft Azure Cloud-based

All components of the virtual call connector run in the Azure cloud across four geographic regions.

Microsoft CSP Partner

Virtual-Call is a Microsoft CSP (Communication Service Provider) partner, which means you can purchase all Microsoft licenses directly through Virtual-Call.

High voice quality

By having geographic SBCs directly connected to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and therefore close to our customers, you can achieve high voice quality and short latency times.

Call blocking

You can block unwanted calls and keep the important ones with the call blocking feature. You can easily block promotional calls via the web interface.

Voice channels

A great way to make calls with as few keystrokes as possible. With your phone's speed dialing system, you can access actual numbers or favorite contacts with just one keystroke!

Microsoft licenses

Virtual-Call offers you everything - from the Microsoft Teams connection to the necessary Microsoft licenses.

Office 365 Enterprise E5

Microsoft Office 365 E3

CHF 31.70 /User
Exclude Phone license, cost per month
Office 365 Enterprise E5

Microsoft Office 365 E5

CHF 52.30 /User
Includes Phone license, cost per month
Add-On Phone System

Add-On Phone System

CHF 9.50 /User
For Office 365 Basic, Standard, Premium, E1 and E3
Add-On Phone System

Add-On Audio Conferencing

CHF 3.50 /User
For Office 365 Basic, Standard, Premium, E1 and E3

Modern and straightforward connection.

Microsoft Teams and SIP Trunk

The connection between the SIP Trunk and Microsoft Teams is made through a simple automated system, step by step. The registration wizard will guide you through the process step by step. No external IT company or Powershell knowledge is required to connect you to SIP Trunk and Microsoft Teams; the whole process takes no more than 10 minutes. However, Microsoft may take up to 24 hours to update the changes.

MS Teams für den SIP Trunk


CSP Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft CSP partner, we can offer you all the Microsoft licenses you need. Thus, in contrast to our competitors, you receive the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing connection and the necessary licenses if required.

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

How is the installation done?

The installation is quite simple and differs significantly from our competitors. Neither Powershell knowledge nor external IT companies are needed for the implementation. Everything is automated. We can implement the connection for a small fee if you still need support. However, the necessary Microsoft licenses are a prerequisite. If you need these, we will be happy to help you. As a Microsoft CSP Partner, we offer all Microsoft licenses.

On which numbers can the Microsoft Teams connection be ordered?

You can order the Microsoft Teams connection for the SIP Tunk for all numbers from Switzerland and international numbers - which Virtual-Call offers.

Do I need Powershell knowledge?

No, you do not need any Powershell knowledge. The connection is automated. You only need to have an account in your Office 365 with Global Administration rights.

Do I need my own SBC?

No, you do not need your own SBC. Virtual-Call is directly connected to the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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