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LandlineToGo the mobile landline

Turn your smartphone into a full-fledged landline with LandlineToGo. Connect with your customers with crystal clear voice quality.

Landline cheap calling to Austria, Switzerland and Germany

Landline Flat

To all three countries Switzerland Landline CHF 0.035 Germany Landline CHF 0.035 Austria Landline CHF 0.035

Mobile cheap calling to Austria, Switzerland and Germany

Mobile Flat

To all three countries Switzerland Mobile CHF 0.25 Germany Mobile CHF 0.25 Austria Mobile CHF 0.25

Geo redundant SIP Clusters

100% availability

Geo-redundant SIP clusters

Quality - that connects worldwide

What is LandlineToGo?

LandlineToGo is a modern and contemporary product from Virtual-Call that generates a landline from your smartphone. Flexible, simple, and affordable. It is ideal for freelancers, micro and small business owners, and their employees who need to make and receive calls from anywhere.

LandlineToGo has some Cloud PBX features, including call forwarding and call groups, and voicemail (answering machine).

FestnetzToGo, mobile Festnetztelefonie der modernen Art

Stay connected - even on the road

Wouldn't it be nice to have a virtual office that you can take with you wherever you go? With LandlineToGo, it's possible!

Our innovative product lets you take your fixed business number with you wherever you go - a direct, flexible connection with excellent voice quality. In addition, you can benefit from some Cloud PBX features. LandlineToGo is a cost-efficient, location-independent

The connection provides you with all the functions of a classic fixed landline. A business landline number often conveys more trust, credibility, and a more professional image. Take advantage of this both in Switzerland and internationally.

FestnetzToGo mobile Freiheit geniessen

Living mobility

With LandlineToGo, you don't have to worry about missing important calls when you're on the go. With up to five users and three phone numbers, everyone can have their line without compromising features or quality. With LandlineToGo, you and your business are always accessible. Our flat-rate plans are beautiful and offer many additional features such as incoming call forwarding from any phone number in the world and free voicemail. Alongside this, voicemail lets you listen to messages, check caller details and choose who you want to speak to on the phone. With LandlineToGo, your voicemail is always available.

What is the difference between an analog fixed-line and LandlineToGo?

You are limited to where the modem is installed, an analog fixed-line, i.e., at work or home. With our LandlineToGo, there is no limit to when or how often you use it. You have either a local or international phone number that you can use to call colleagues or clients or take calls. You don't have to worry about being disconnected because it works anywhere in the world without an Internet connection.

Innovative simplicity

All you need is an Internet connection. Set up in five minutes and use anywhere in the world, whenever you want. Never miss a call or wait for a callback again. Just one tap on your mobile device to be connected to the person you wish to from anywhere.

The modern landline

LandlineToGo offers a wide range of features that you can use without bulky hardware. Whether you need one or more fixed lines for your business, LandlineToGo is your solution. You also get features from our Cloud PBX, including call forwarding, call groups, and voicemail services.

Never miss a call again.

Need to leave the office suddenly? No problem - LandlineToGo allows you to call suppliers, colleagues, or customers from any location with Internet access and at any time. And all that in excellent voice quality.

Features included

  • Voicemail
  • Ring groups
  • Forwarding
  • Time controlled forwarding
  • Set the caller ID
  • Call monitoring incoming
  • Personal greeting Voicemail
  • DND (do not disturb)
  • BLF function

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to use LandlineToGo??

You only need an internet connection, for example WLAN, 3G, 4G, cable, DSL.

How is LandlineToGo different from a normal landline number?

A standard landline number can only be used in your office or at home, i.e., on a fixed line. LandlineToGo is a landline number that you can use anywhere you have internet access.

Can I use LandlineToGo on only one device?

No, you can use LandlineToGo on up to three devices.

I have a landline with unlimited calls. Why should I use LandlineToGo?

You can use your Internet provider's number only where your modem is located. You can use Virtual-Call's LandlineToGo anywhere, whether in your office, on your smartphone, at home, or while traveling.

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