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Features for the Cloud PBX

Get over 150 features with the Cloud PBX

Functionality of the

virtual telephone system

With all these features, your business can be even more competitive.

We present you some of the most frequently used features, such as:

Call management

Call management and blocking unwanted calls such as advertising calls, call forwarding, and call recording.


Answering machine with personalized greetings such as "This is John Smith" and "Welcome back." In addition, there is music on hold that creates an engaging experience while customers wait to reach their destination number.

Unified Communications

Unified communications is a set of services that combine different communication channels into a single interface. For example, it enables video conferencing and full integration of CRM systems.


Using local numbers, allow your team to work from anywhere - not tied to a specific location. That makes it easy for employees to stay connected even when there is no office nearby.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

The integration between MS Teams and Virtual-Call's Cloud PBX is straightforward. With this powerful integration, we provide a direct routing solution to connect our Cloud PBX directly to Microsoft Teams.

Every company has its own needs in terms of workflow and organization. Features can be fully useful or only partially helpful. Our Cloud PBX is entirely flexible and adapts to particular communication needs. Regardless of the size of your business, Virtual-Call connects you to the world.

Voicemail with email notification

Voicemail with email notification - your digital answering machine that ensures you never miss a call.


Forward incoming calls to internal extensions, mobile numbers, or call groups.

IVR (Voice Menu)

With an IVR (voice menu), incoming calls can be automated, preselected, and forwarded.

Parallel ringing

With the parallel ringing function, calls can hear incoming calls on several devices simultaneously.

Ring groups

With a ring group, you combine several extensions. Calls ring simultaneously or sequentially.


With Fax2Mail, incoming faxes are forwarded directly by mail.

Define outgoing numbers (CLI)

Define the outgoing phone number (caller ID) to be displayed to the called party.

Presence display (BLF)

Use the BLF function to see the status of the other participants who are currently on the phone.

Three-party conference

Use the three-party conference to hold conferences with two or more participants.

Music on hold

Use your music on hold as MP3 for your company.

  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • DTMF: key input
  • Hold a call
  • Call parking
  • Block advertising calls
  • Time controls
  • Connect with/without consultation
  • Call recording
  • Smartphone-App
  • Incoming call routing
  • Blocking of expensive destinations
  • Emergency routing
  • Call Queues
  • IVR (Auto attendant)


How can cloud telephony help your business?

A key success factor in today's business world is automation. Over the past few years, the evolution of cloud telephony can and should be part of your business strategy. After all, it allows your employees to stay connected no matter where they are, which helps with remote work and reduces travel costs.

Telephony is still the primary means of communication inside and outside a company. Telephony can even improve that with a modern system like cloud telephony. Because of cloud telephony, companies of all sizes and from various sectors can better align their business phone operations economically.

The automated feature eliminates the need for manual phone service while reducing costs, and companies can use the money for other investments. Another benefit is scalability. Many companies already have some of their employees working from home.

However, there is no need to purchase new landlines or cell phones. Because thanks to the flexibility of this technology, it is possible to configure your company's calls and route them to different devices or applications, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, WebRTC telephony via browsers, Microsoft Teams (Direct Routing).

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